Birth is an emergence, our entry into the physical realm. 

It's a transformational moment of rebirth for the Mother, Partner, and Baby.

Our deep connection to everything that is and has been. 

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So, who is 'Niamh Tara Garland'?


How does one go about answering such a profound and intricate question; ‘who are you?’ or ‘Introduce yourself?’.

How do you start? Where shall I start? I guess… I will start at the very beginning.

In my dad’s ball sac I lay…… ha-ha kidding, kidding (but also not really).

I shall start my beginning (of understanding who I am) at around high school. My memories of school are very much a blur but when I think back, I usually consider how differently I would have acted if I had known what I know now.

Our school period is a time of self-discovery, a lot of external influence and for most (women) the start of their menarche.

My inability to love who I was, was reflected in my actions towards others. I wasn’t nice to people and I definitely wasn’t very nice to myself.

In fact, I was hell-bent on trying to be someone I wasn’t. Unfortunately, this rollercoaster relationship reflected on the people around me. I do not regret these times in my life as they have helped shape me into who I am now. 

I would judge myself daily and to normalise this judgment, I would judge those around me, to try to feel more superior.

Leaving school wasn’t much better, I had to focus my energy on something else. So I became obsessed with the gym.

I was searching for love, self-love.

But what is self-love?

Social media told me it was to be beautiful, super slender, and always at the beach. So down that road, I followed.

This is where my next downward spiral began. I had an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, constantly unwell, anger issues, and depression. I was so obsessed with trying to be someone else that I became in denial of who I am.

I would get my sister to take photos of me every day hoping that one day the girl in the picture would be beautiful, slender, and at the beach (lol). I thought I was worthless and separated myself from nearly everyone around me. I felt so alone but ironically, I created that same loneliness.

This resulted in anxiety, panic attacks, and severe depression. Whilst all this was going on, I was working 2 jobs, studying full time, and in a shitty relationship with my (now amazing) partner Hammad.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship? Well, this was one of those.

We were a terrible match. Like energy vampires trying to suck out what we were lacking from the other. I wanted to be confident and carefree, that’s what attracted me to Hammad and vice versa. But these were masks and we quickly realised as such.

Looking back at the earlier memories of our relationship.

1. I am amazed that we were able to make it through.

2. I look at how far we have come together.

3. We have seen each other at our worst and are now being of witness to who we were meant to be.

In 2017, Hammad asked me if I wanted to travel to Peru to partake in an Ayahuasca ceremony. I had no idea what that was but I loved traveling so was keen as a bean.

My first experience with Ayahuasca was literally mind-blowing. My experience was so intense that thinking about it stirs up a lot of emotion in me.

After drinking what is the worst tasting brew known to mankind my spirit was taken to visit the most divine feminine energy I have ever encountered. Mother Ayahuasca. It was then she kicked my ass.

I honestly thought this could be the end. Like in one of those scenes of someone dying and they are shown a flashback of their whole life. For me, it felt like I was witnessing a life of lack, judgment, sadness, and regret. That scared the shit out of me.

I couldn’t die. I had so much more to live for. I didn’t get to say goodbye, I didn’t get to travel, buy a Bentley, GOD DAMN IT I hadn’t even found true happiness yet.

I had been so caught up trying to be someone else I had forgotten to live my own life. I realised that I had taken for granted my human experience. I had fucked up. And this went on for hours. But really this had been going on for years.

I now know this experience to be 'ego death'. This moment literally changed my whole life.

Ha. No! I did not understand this message straight away. In fact, it took me months, years to truly understand why I had to go through something so brutal. Humans have this weird concept where they will only pursue change after something really terrible has happened. Like eating healthier after having a heart attack or only following our dreams after being fired. 

Yes, I have had many more incredible, difficult, and life-changing experiences with Ayahuasca but that is for a different time.

Myself and Hammad have spent the last 3 years thoroughly breaking down, understanding, and supporting our inner growth. Boy, have I done a 180 from where I was 3 years ago.

I cannot say that my life is peachy and roses but what I do know is that everything happens for a reason. My knowledge of this has allowed me to live in the present moment. It has also allowed me to access my inner goddess.

AND Fuck yeah do I love who I am.

This now leads me to my WHY? WHO is The Barefoot Birthkeeper. 

This where you scroll down to read my story of the emergence of The Barefoot Birthkeeper...


The Emergence of The Barefoot Birthkeeper...


My birth into The Barefoot Birthkeeper has been one filled with so much inner work, shadow work and self-love…

So why have I been called onto this pathway?

I have experienced the raw god-like beings we (women) are - from giving birth myself and integrating so many life lessons from working with Shipibo communities (in Peru).

These women understand that birth is both a spiritual event and a natural rite-of-passage. This was my initiation into the birthing realm. 

Women are the portal to the spirit realm- and if that ain’t the coolest thing ever- I don’t know what is.

My pregnancy was a surprise to many, especially myself. Being told I couldn’t get pregnant due to PCOs, well… let’s just say contraception went out the window. I was 21 years old when I saw the result of my positive pee stick. I was scared, I thought everything I had worked towards- career-wise- was over. 

I travelled to Peru, confused with my journey forward, and I came away realising how incredible, magical and beautiful this rite-of-passage was that I was about to embark upon.

After meeting the spirit of my goddess baby, I knew my path was to witness her flourish and become a beacon of love and light to all those around her.

So coming back to Perth I began the preparation of this sacred event.  I felt that home birth was on the cards but the fear from those around me (obviously unrecognised fear within myself) emerged so I opted for King Eddies Birthing Centre. 

So many people told me that I would need some form of medical intervention, gas/ air or epidural. Although I knew how capable I am and collectively how capable we women are. 

My pre-birthing journey consisted of so much inner work- breathing, yoga, meditation, screaming, dancing, laughing, love and making love. To begin the walk into the labyrinth of birth, of preparing my body, my heart, my soul and my family to open up our hearts to another and going into a new layer of depth within ourselves and us as a family.

I began feeling those labouring niggles whilst out for dinner with my family (filling up my oxytocin cup) and went home to relax. Later that evening I went into labour, moving my body, and feeling the love and support of my partner by my side. 

As my body, mind and spirit began to surrender I felt myself let go into a different realm, whilst my body did the work, my mind was bringing the spirit of my little back home. 

Arriving at the birth centre, the midwives filled up the birthing pool and I got straight in, and within the hour and 5/6 pushes later and I met the physical body of my daughter. 

I can honestly and truly say that My birth was orgasmic!

My journey into motherhood has taught me that we are so incredible and are capable of anything. 

My role as a spiritual doula is to honour the mother’s journey, worship and support her, and remind her by my presence that she already knows how to give birth.


So, what are my Qualifications? (other than being me of course)

September 2020 || Wellbeing workshop with Dr Sally Price

December 2020 || Doula training academy 

December 2020 || Maternal instincts 

December 2020 || Hypnobirth Australia training 

Feburary 2021|| Sound Birth Training 

May 2021|| Queen Archetype workshop 

May 2021|| Birth cartography

June 2021|| Journey into sound workshop

June 2021 || Birth trauma training for birth workers 

July 2021 || Birth drum workshop

July- October 2021|| Birth Magic Course

November || Doula the Doula 


Upcoming training:

Infant Microbiome Course 

Rachel Reed- Perth seminar