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THE Birthing Bible.

Ever wondered if there was a birthing book as big as one of the Harry Potter books?????

Well I might have just found it.

Is it any good you may be wondering???

o Well you might even consider it THE birthing bible.

With nearly 600 pages it has every concept, question or thought about conception, prenatal, birth or postnatal that you may have. What is this glorious book called so that you can go buy it IMMEDIATELY. Well memorise this…

Pic 1: Birthing Bible cover

Part 1 || Let’s first answer the question ‘Why is this book so damn good?’

As a mum to the most beautiful, carefree and happy baby girl I take the saying ‘knowledge is power’ very seriously. When I’m passionate about something I want to make sure I know all the facts, especially if I need to make any decisions regarding mine or my family’s health, I want to make the most informed decision.

Before realising my passion of becoming a Doula I had always dreamed of creating a birth where I could visualise and ultimately manifest the moment of becoming a maiden to mother. In order to create this reality, I needed to utilise a large portion of my free time which I realise that in this modern era, working 9-5 Monday to Friday, that isn’t very easy. The world we live in is constantly filled with tasks, events or work. Leaving a very small amount of time to create, breathe, manifest or just be alone.

Although this book is HUGGEE the contents page makes it incredibly easy to find exactly what it is you are in search for. As we live such busy lives, we may not have the time read all 600 pages, so the thoroughness of the contents makes it very simple to find what it is you are seeking. This allows you the ability to read in stages or skim read. Even if its during pre-labour (ha-ha).

Pic 2: Me searching for the right book.

What I found to be the most fundamental part of the book was its unbiased opinion. Everything in the book is research based and only gives you information based on science. I believe that not every shoe fits, so it’s important to do what feels right for you.

Part 2 || Well what did I get out this book, when there is so many on the market and why am I recommending this book to YOU?

The book is so, so, SO easy to follow, with it starting at how to conceive and ending with life as a mother. I only wish that I had found this book whilst I was pregnant. As a younger mum none of my friends have any children so everything was very new to me. The only knowledgeable people in my life were my own mother and mother-in-law and neither had conceived in over 2 decades. As the saying goes, we mothers forget and that’s why we keep having more and more children… or something like that.

As a soon to be qualified Doula I am so super excited to actually help empower women to create their dream birth. In order to do that I need to be able to give all my clients the best information I can to help them create their dream birth. This includes, getting to know these beautiful women and their partners and listening to their needs. Then tailoring my information to help them manifest their birth.

Pic 3: This image captures the raw essence of an empowered birth

So, by reading a variety of high-quality books will allow me to offer relevant, up-to-date information. As a society we are pressured to work longer hours, leaving maidens and their partners to relay more so on external support then ever. It’s my duty to help them realise their natural born birthing superpowers. So, a book like this is essential in my ability to do just that. It contains a huge amount of information that is extremely relevant and factual. It’s also a great book to offer maidens to read to begin their research and start answering all those niggling questions.

My one and only issue I have with the entire book, which is pretty good for something of its size. Is that as a fellow modern cloth nappy mum I do believe that the pros out way any cons of being a cloth bum. I feel that this particular part seems more biased than factual and pushes the reader to feel inclined towards choosing disposable nappies (which I am totally unbiased ;))

Pic 4 & 5: My little cloth bum.

As a barefoot hippie Mumma I often find my views are quite niche and I want a book that won’t push a certain narrative. As this book is all founded by research (other than the nappy part) the contents only share’s information that is relevant rather than biased or anecdotal.

I am very particular when it comes to promoting or sharing anything. Even when it came to ceremonial grade cacao, which I consider myself to be quite the expert. I made sure it’s the top of the line, as I deserve nothing less, neither do my readers. So, when it came time to writing about a book, I asked the universe to give me a sign and show me what book I should do my assignment upon.

The next day I went shopping and straight into a second-hand bookstore and there waiting was the ONLY maternal book in store. If that wasn’t an answer, I don’t know what is. DAMN! is it a good book.

Part 3 || So why would this book benefit you? Damn my readers are excellent at asking questions…

Well the short answer is, that if your anything like me and not the biggest fan of reading books than this pretty much has it all. The only topics it may missing, that I feel you my dear reader may be seeking, is about gentle births. Possibly stepping away from the scientific research and into anecdotal stories.

Well a book this size, 589 pages to be exact, has been broken down into 14 chapters. You heard me right 14 chapters. I guess the two cowriters, Catherine Price a midwife and Sandra Robinson a childbirth educator and doula with collectively 40 years’ experience had a hard time squeezing all that knowledge into just a sparing 589 pages.

It literally contains almost every single question a new or second time parent could have. Well you my lucky reader will get a sneak peek into the contents of the Birthing Bible. AND here we go...

Chapter One | As I stated prior the book is literally laid out from the start, in this case it starts from conceiving. So not only does this book discuss pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period but how to conceive. No, we aren’t discussing the birds and the bees. The main sections include preparing your body for pregnancy, conceiving your baby and understanding and overcoming any difficulties of conception.

Chapter Two | I dare you to take your wildest guess… if you guessed conception then 1 point to you. This is week’s 1 through to 12. This goes through all your basics including your unborn babies’ growth and development, early signs and symptoms, emotions in the early stages, early pregnancy variations and taking care.

Chapter Three | After the first trimester, which in my opinion is the hardest part comes the next chapter. This will answer all your questions from weeks 13 to 28. Especially like how big that little squirt is getting, adapting to change, as well all pregnancy progresses and variations.

Chapter Four | You may be wondering how there could be a further 10 chapters. As chapter four divulges into the final months aka the third trimester (just in case you’ve forgotten- 29 weeks until birth). This includes your unborn baby’s growth and development, physical changes in preparation for birth, the final weeks, emotions and sex during late pregnancy, getting ready for the baby and late pregnancy variations.

Chapter Five | This chapters gets you to start asking yourself the important questions. Like do I need a support person? Do I want a waterbirth? What do I need to pack? And should I write a birth plan?

Chapter Six | This is the exciting part. This is when you learn the signs and signals of your body going into labour. DUDE! Your about to meet your little squirt.

Chapter Seven | Following on we are going to start learning about the transition from first to second stage and birthing your baby (WOOP WOOP). More specifically the resting phase, actively pushing, crowning, and the birthing phase.

Chapter Eight | The third and fourth stages of labour are often forgotten but somewhat some of the most important. In the third stage we are looking at clamping and cording cutting and checking the placenta. The fourth stage includes the physical recoveries, support strategies, expectations for care and partners support strategies.

Chapter Nine | Labour pain. A very common phrase and too often people shy away from learning about this part, believing that ignorance is key, but honestly knowledge is power. Actually Em-power-ing. Including the physiology of pain, the woman’s perception of labour pain, medical forms of pain relief as well as natural therapies and other methods of pain relief. Overall a very important chapter.

Chapter Ten | Inducing or augmenting the labour. Usually this is involved in long labours or those who are overdue. This part discusses why you need to be induced and what is involved in the induction methods. As well as inducing vs. Augmentation.

Chapter Eleven | Caesarean birth. Even if it’s not on your birthing plan understanding what a caesarean birth is will help you regardless of your plans. It empowers you to understand what is happening especially in case of an emergency c-section. Discussing what the operation involves, early care and physical recovery, risks and problems associated with a caesarean and what are your options for natural birth after caesarean.

Chapter Twelve | This chapter is called your baby soon after birth. This discusses vaccinations and routine procedures after birth. The early bonding period, which is such a beautiful time and its super important to understand the baby has just left the compounds of its normal. It also looks at the baby’s physical appearance and behaviours.

Chapter Thirteen | The women’s recovery after birth. Ch.13 delves deep into the women’s physical recovery and exercises available to help strength the pelvic floor. Support for breastfeeding and/or formula feeding. Expectations for care and all the emotional changes that occur with the first weeks after birth.

Chapter Fourteen | My absolute favourite stage is the transition from maiden to mother and the role of parenting. The birth of a parent. The book is extremely honest and sets realistic expectations regarding parenting, your relationship, sibling rivalry (if this is your second child), and how to accept the advice of others. It divulges into sex, when to resume and contraception.

Another little beauty about this book is that all the paper used is natural, recyclable and made from wood grown in sustainable forests. A total win-win save the environment and the know-how to create your dream pregnancy/birth.

It also has a jam-packed website www.birth.com.au which is run by the 2 incredible authors.

So, if this book tickles your fancy and you want to buy it right here, right now. Then check it out here.

All the best my beautiful friends.


My name is Niamh Garland and under the guidance, support and love of Vicki Hobbs I have completed my Doula training. If you want to step into your power and feel supported to create your dream birth, please contact me.

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Price, C & Robinson, S. (2010). Birth: Conceiving, Nurturing And Giving Birth To Your Baby. Sydney, Australia. McMillan.


Pic 1: http://www.birthinglove.com.au/resource-library.html

Pic 2: A picture of me

Pic 3: My beautiful friend Abby Branson

Pic 4 & 5: My little clothe bum

Pic 6: https://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/preservation/2011/01/07/10000-page-book-bound-at-conservation-lab/

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