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Using Sound To Go Within.

What comes to mind when you think of the word “Sound”?

Animal sounds?

or the TV?

A ding of your phone?

Or the sound “OMMMMMMMMMMMM”?

Do you ever think of the science behind sound and why it has such a deep impact on our wellbeing? Have you thought about how you can incorporate sound into your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period?

If you've answered no… Well, mate neither had I!! That is why I am now writing this blog post.

So, let’s go very briefly into the science of sound…

Well as you may or may not know sound is a wave. These waves move through the air hitting our eardrums, doing some magic in the ear, transforming into a chemical form and then it moves into the brain as electrical impulses.

You may have heard of frequency. But do you know what it is? Because I sure didn’t.

Frequency is measured by cycles per second or Hertz or HZ. Every vibrating object has its own frequency. Everything is frequency and sound can change molecular structure. It CAN create form (wooooww).

Humans can hear from 16hz to around 16 000 Hz.

Our beautiful animal friends, the dolphin, can hear and speak frequencies of 180 000hz.

As said by Jonathon Goldman, "Just because you can't hear something doesn't mean that there isn't anything there! Everything is sound. From the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom to the planets in distant galaxies revolving around stars”

So you can understand little about HZ, below are four main brain wave states:

1. Beta Waves – from 14 - 20 hz, found in our normal waking state of consciousness.

2. Alpha Waves - from 8 to 13hz, which occur when we daydream or meditate; relaxed and alert state. Perfect for birthing.

3. Theta Waves - from 4 to 7hz, which occur in states of deep meditation and sleep, as well as in shamanic activity.

4. Delta Waves – from 0.5 to 3hz, which occur in deep sleep and have been found in very profound states of meditation and healing.

Now lets talk about noise.

In this case we are discussing toning.

Before we start I want you to breathe in.

And on the exhale make a noise but feel that noise from your belly.

This is something you can do anywhere, anytime.

That is toning.

Jonathin Goldman refers to toning in his book Healing Sounds, “toning is the use of the voice to express sounds for the purpose of release and relief… it is nonverbal sound, relying primarily on vowels. Sighing, moaning, and humming may also be recognised as forms of toning”

So what are the benefits you may be asking?

o It’s a way to release emotional and/ or physical pain

o Puts you in the “ZONE”

o Toning gives you energy

o Toning is relaxing

o You are more intuitive when toning

o Its activates the chakras

o Sets you free to express yourself

There are also physical benefits!

o Lowers your blood pressure and heart ate

o Reduces levels of stress related to homorones

o Reduces pain due to the release of endporphins

o Increases melatonin levels

o Releases oxytocin

SO why am I talking about this on a Doula page??? Well keep reading...

I am so passionate about all things birth and I have also had the incredible opportunity to work with and understand sound in a direct and impactful way from my time working/living in Peru.

So when my Doula Mama, Vicki Hobbs, spoke about Sound birth I had this direct feeling of excitement and deep knowing that this was an offering I wanted to invite into my birthing realm.

So why a sound bowl?

Something I found super interesting was that because a crystal bowl is made with 99.99% quartz crystal it would have a greater effect on the human body than any other instrument. This is because our body has the natural affinity to quartz as it is composed with crystalline substances- the bones, blood, dna and the liquid-colloidal structure of the brain. Even our cells contain silica balancing our electromagnetic energies and have the same formula as natural quartz crystal.

“The electrical aspects of the quartz emanations trigger strong responses within the crystalline structures and patterns of the human body”

- Ted Andrews

“The Sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essences, so that inner chaos, conflict and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony”

- Mitchell Gaynor MD

So what are the benefits of Birthbowl:

o Used to relax, open and empower women during labour

o Balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain

o Induces altered states of consciousness- brings you into a alpha brainwave state almost immediately

o Purifies and cleasense water and food

o Powerful tool to assist with manifestation and creating abundance

o Used for healing on all levels

o Assists in creating connected relationships

o Used for meditation and relaxation

o Opens and balance the chakras

o Ability to hold, transmit and receive thought forms.

Even playing the bowl in 2 separate directions has different purposes


- An activating energy which invokes and releases

- More masculine

- Pulls energy from the inside to the outer. It draws into the physical what we need from the spiritual.

- It charges, strengthens and stimulates power.

- Energies the aura and strengthens the overall balancing process in healing

- Opens new realms and energies during meditation and invokes them into play in your life.


- An inward or receptive energy

- Activates more strongly the feminie energies

- The spiral created draws the outer consciousness into the inner,

- Facilitates going with oneself- especially in exploring time and past-life connections

- Awakens a greater sense of timelessness

- Can open awareness of interrelationships of the past, present and future

- Can be used in healing to draw negative energy patterns of the body and the auric field

- It is grounding and balancing

If this something that may interest you please reach and we can discuss ways to incorporate sound into your life.

All my resources come from the Sound Guru- Nicole from Sound 4 Life.

She is incredible, please check her out at https://www.soundbirth.com.au/page/127486


If this sounds like something you want to invite into your birth space and with pregnancy.

I offer Soundbirth to support you to go within during labour and sound/ guided meditations in my Mother Blessings.

I would love to hear from you.

Big love,


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