CUB Hire

CUB Hire

The Comfortable, Upright Birth (CUB) support for better births
A multi award winning, patented support that can provide all the advantages of mobility, comfort and upright positions for labour and birth including squatting, kneeling and forward leaning.
Lightweight, easy to use, clean and store, the CUB is the modern version of the traditional birthing stool.


    The CUB was invented and patented by a UK Registered Midwife as a product that could provide all of the benefits of a birth ball and of a traditional type birth stool, but without the disadvantages associated with both.
    The CUB is the only product invented specifically for use during pregnancy, labour and during birth itself to promote mobility, while also supporting a wide range of optimal, upright positions.
    The CUB can provide the same advantages not only for users benefiting from natural physiology but also for those that experience or have additional medical complications.


    There is need to feel rushed when this is availabl